A downloadable really bad game

This game was made in around 10 hours for the Global Game Jam 2018 in which the theme was "Transmission".

You play as a solitary signal watchman in a lonely underground outpost on a desolate planet.  Your job is to listen out for signals. Today a signal has come. 

You must reach the Coms room and play the transmission. What message will it relay? What secrets could it reveal? All will become clear when you hear the incoming transmission.

WARNING: this game is pretty bad. Don't play it.


Transmission_v01.zip 60 MB


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Heya dude! F**K YOU TOO!! Nah all jokes aside this game was really funny in it's own way. I know it's made for fun and everything but nice! I had a good laugh at the end. it's like just travelling all around the place and checking the game out, I get a "rude" final message. Lol Hope you don't mind a i made  let's play! Good luck on your future Game Jams!