Does your partner, flat mate or friend keep placing toilet paper on the holder the WRONG way around? Are you tired of fumbling around and struggling when it's been placed there WRONG? Are you fed up of constantly rotating it to the RIGHT way around every time you sit down on the John?

Then look no further as the TP ETIQUETTE Education Training Aid is the software for you. A few hours playing through the simulation and they will be brainwashed encouraged to put the toilet paper on the holder the PROPER way.


Watch the toilet paper fall from the sky. Click on them to rotate them. If you let any fall past the WRONG way then it's GAME OVER. What high score can you achieve?


A Game by Stuart Lilford (@Stuart_Lilford)

There's no music or sound, sorry...

*This product is meant for educational and recreational purposes and any side effects occurred while playing such as nausea, sickness or obsession with toilet paper is purely coincidental.  Any statement made by Scared Square Games that playing this game will change your behavior should be considered a joke, unless the desired effect of placing the toilet paper on the holder correctly occurs in which case, would you consider volunteering as a test subject in a series of experimental games seeking to change participant behavior through playing games, unless you're a member of a government body that frowns on that sort of thing in which case that last bit was also a joke. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. Batteries not included. 

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