This web app is to help generate game design ideas if your're competing in a game jam, entering a competition or just if you need to brainstorm new ideas!

The app was inspired by the BAFTA YGD idea generator card game.

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AuthorScared Square Games
Made withTwine
TagsGame Jam, Generator, Text based, Twine


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""An Adventure Game set in a supermarket. Where the goal is reach a destination and you have a limited inventory. The game also has something to do with colours.""
Shopping for school supplies simulator

got this : 

A Puzzle Game set inside a computer. Where the goal is destroy objects and you can only select connecting items. The game also has something to do with household chores.

lol. i have similar game in my head for few years still not done :'D (maybe not connecting or destroying items or chores but computer - yes.)

this tool is amazing! generates very logical combinations and variations! props to you!


An idea generator set against a black background and the goal is to keep generating and there is no end. The game also has something to do with colours.