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You do a great job of communicating how the mind can wander during long maintenance tasks. I can definitely relate to that (well, not the snow part). The details you mention made me feel like I was reading a letter from an old friend that moved. I really liked this 💖

really nice game! 


I really want KFC now :(

You know, at first I was wary of this game because of the plot. But there's something to say about having a plot this simple. Just a little story and completing felt meaningful. Lol. I actually had fun. Good job!

the way u drew the car is amazing!! the whole game and the little plot of trying to get to kfc- this was so good :D

Never swap out the hot wings >:(

This was really heartwarming to play through, the music was fantastic too <3

Based on several true stories ;)

I really liked it!